When you find others who have a similar passion for the subject, it makes sense to cooperate on ventures where the resources and skills are complementary.
Working in a collaborative manner allows everyone to focus on their individual specialisations, cooperate and share knowledge and information to enable a better all round experience to be created.
The trick is always to find some partner who has the same mind set and approach to the task in hand, it wouldn’t work if you wanted to watch bears, while others wanted to hunt them…
As discussed with Dan Baker in his blog 12th May ,2011 B/OSS World “Do-it-yourself RA for small operators and MVNOs” , my view still is that ‘… Just because a software firm sells you RA software does not mean they understand how best an RA program should be implemented.
Many organisations would benefit from an alliance of an RA practitioner assisting in developing a suitable and appropriate RA program to get the most out of their RA tool, existing data sources and team. In this way, the organisation gains a competitive advantage over the competition even if they are using the same tool – and that must be what this is about. Being smarter than the opposition.
Hence I am open to forming alliances with suitable organisations for our mutual benefit.

Partnerships so far include Revector, Xintec and CxB Solutions

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