Fraud Management

There are definite times of the year when there is an increased likelihood of spotting polar bears in specific places. Understanding the motivations and movements of the bears allows the experienced watcher to predict where and when they are likely to appear. It also allows the watcher to decide the level of protection that is appropriate for the situation.
Understanding the motivations, methods and tricks of the potential fraudsters allows us to implement suitable fraud management processes and controls. There is always a balance between maximising the number of good customers to use the service and the potential exposure to miscreants.
By utilisng the knowledge of motivations, behaviors and fingerprints of frauds on traditional networks and systems, we are able to suggest how these might be implemented in next generation scenarios.
We can assist in developing the necessary fraud management processes that surround the operation and by working with teams, help get more out of their existing FMS.
Each business has its own unique fraud threats and exposures, depending upon the types of products and services it offers, the systems that is has available to it for monitoring purposes, the economic climate in which it operates, the type and level of the competition.
One thing that you can guarantee is that at some time, you will be hit. How you react will be crucial.

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