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There is considerable debate about the right background for Revenue Assurance or Fraud Management Professionals.  Some people are even offering qualification courses.
Me?  I have an engineering degree from Cambridge University giving me a technical advantage, an MBA giving me a financial and business advantage and many years experience in the field with different operations.
We can teach people the tools and the tricks of the trade, but if they do not have the correct mindset and desire, then the outcome will be less then optimal.
In this world of similes, am I bear or a bear watcher?
The romantic part would suggest that I should be a polar bear, roaming across the business finding revenue leakage and then taking steps to address the problems.
But, I am not a romantic.
I am a bear watcher.  I spend my time understanding the terrain, surveying the revenue and cost streams, the technologies, the money paths, getting to know the tools that I have at my disposal, developing the team and building the team spirit necessary to deliver.
Revenue Assurance is everybody’s responsibility.  My responsibility is to help businesses down the path as far as they want to go.  When they have gone as far as they think they need, and it no longer matters to them, then its time to move on. Business priorities change, resource and funding levels change, when it starts to matter to them again, then it matters to me.
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