Revenue Assurance for Service Providers


Revenue Assurance for Service Providers
ISBN is 9780755211999
We wanted to get away from the idea that Revenue Assurance is all about buying systems and solutions, to take it back to its fundamental concepts. We also wanted to make it generic for any service provider, utilities, finance, leisure, not just telecommunication providers.


The concepts ane requirements are common across all these fields, the only challenge is to recognise the different systems and records that are involved when compared with a traditional telecoms service provider.  And we can help with that – just get in touch.
While there is a place for systems, the sheer cost of deployment and maintenance puts them out of reach of many of the smaller service providers, who are just as much in need of leakage management. Some would argue more so, as their pockets are less deep that the larger operators.
The book is still available as an e-publication, or as a paperback priced £15.00 or $25 available from
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