Revenue Assurance – from one dimension to five dimensions


There are many different strategies for finding polar bears in the wild, and deciding the appropriate strategy depends upon the outcome desired and the constraints under which the task is done, for example – time, money, people, systems.
The first approach would be to select a suitable position and wait until one passed by, this is relatively cheap but not particularly efficient. It will eventually deliver a sighting of a bear. Lets call this the 1D approach.
A more sophisticated approach could be to post observers at various positions who can generate an alert when a bear passes by. You can then deploy your resources to the area where the bear was sighted. This is a more expensive option, but is more efficient in that more bears will be seen. One might consider this a 2D approach
Another more sophisticated approach would be to understand the bears movements and likely timeframes and rationale for being in certain locations. Then using a risk based strategy, arrange to be touring in those vicinities at the appropriate times.
And so on…
The same is true with Revenue Assurance. There are different strategies that can be adopted, depending upon the desired outcome and the available resources. And these strategies may be different for different revenue streams within a single organisation. We can help you determine what would be the appropriate strategy to meet your needs and then work with you to deliver these, whether they be one or four dimensional.
The original plan was to dimension revenue assurance along the finance lines:
one dimension – revenue
two dimensions – costs
three dimensions – margin
four dimensions – cashflow
But then came an alternative idea:

The Yelland – Sherick Five Dimensional model of Revenue Assurance.

Each dimension builds upon the information gathered by the preceding dimension and adds another degree of completeness to the analysis.
With each revenue stream, you can build up the control structure slowly and as the controls take effect implement the next level (or dimension) or not. There is a clear path through the process and new revenue streams can be added as required.

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