Across the whole spectrum of Revenue Assurance, including Fraud Management, Business Support, Billing Accuracy Compliance, we can provide:
Consultancy – would you benefit from  advice or assistance about getting more out of your existing systems, process and procedures?   Someone bringing a fresh perspective and new ways of seeing and addressing  revenue leakage and cost reductions,  margin improvements and better cashflow?
Project Support – are you looking for that expertise to come in and deliver that important project?  Someone to oversee the implementation of a new fraud management system, revenue assurance system or to achieve Regulatory compliance for accuracy of billing.
Interim Management – have you ever needed to bring someone in who could pick up and run with things straight away to cover a management gap?  Someone over-qualified for the role who can make an impact, make a change before handing the reins back to the organisation.
Bespoke Tools – have you surveyed the RA and Fraud marketplace and not seen quite what you are looking for, too complex, too expensive, does not fit with your business model?  Someone to assist you to prototype in-house tools and interface with tool vendors.
We have the knowledge, skills and experience to be able to provide added value and bottom line improvement to any type of telco service provider or energy supplier.
Get in touch  mark@raaiim.co.uk

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