Covid-19 and the future, the end of the road for r.a.a.i.i.m.

As we are coming out of lockdown in the UK, one simple decision remains to be made.

The UK is going into recession, some might even suggest depression, there are daily reports of firms closing, job losses and business restructuring.  In this environment, what are the realistic chances of returning to work as a freelance revenue assurance consultant, in telcoms, power, utilities or any other sector?

My expectation is that there will be fewer opportunities as less firms look for the benefits I can provide, focussing instead on process redesign to make it more covid secure, cash-collections to ensure the cashflow returns, job restructuring to handle the reduced workload, etc.

I would anticipate that the shortage of work will lead to increased competition for the projects on offer, with the larger firms able to reduce fees and subsidise projects simply to be operational, cheaper day rates from those who already have a second income (possibly an existing pension).  I would also suspect that there may be exaggeration of claims of potential benefits, etc. to make projects more appealing, providing a better rate of return which would be very attractive to Financial Officers in these straitened times. 

It is difficult at the best of times to gain traction at the right level in a firm – how much more so in an organisation recovering from the effects of the lockdown.

But there is another element – is it morally right to take work away from individuals who are in more need of work and the money it will provide, those who have families, mortgages, etc.?

I have been in industry for 45 years, looking back on the various careers I have had, it has been an exciting, but challenging time – but all good things must come to an end.

The decision to close down raaiim is not taken lightly – yes, I could carry on for a few more years, but to what end and at what personal cost?  But no, time to wrap up raaiim.